Episode #10 – BONUS (english version)

ALSC#10 – BONUS episode (english version !!)

Hi guys !

Here is the english version of my bonus episode where I share my scientific recommandations to be less bored in this stay-at-home period. As I have some English friends that requested an english version of my podcast, here is my first step ! Sorry for not doing more in English but I work on it !

Here are the links to what I’m talking about in this episode:

French version of this episode


Once a Scientist

Science Vs.


Youtube :


Ameoba Sisters :


Nikon Small World

STEM toy expert

Instagram :


Rogan Brown



Bouletcorp by Boulet

Brazen by Penelope Bagieu

I hope you will enjoy it as much as it was fun to record it ! (First time hearing myself talking in English!) Don’t forget to share with anyone around you that could be interested in this podcast. If you are enough, maybe I will do an English version of the real episodes !

See you soon !

Bye !

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